Genesis 31-33

Call it maturity or growing up or whatever you’d like, but it seems that for most of us aging deepens our desire for peace… not Miss Congeniality-style world peace, but tranquility that extends into our relationships and eventually flows from our very lives. This week’s storyline is familiar to most of us who are walking that same road. We see a man growing older… and perhaps a bit wiser. A man trying to right the wrongs of his past. A man trying to live in peace. Peace is a choice. It always requires squelching pride.

Here are a few questions to get us thinking about some of the steps necessary for peace to occur:

1. Before we even get to the text… what are some things that have to happen before peace can come?
2. Was the son’s accusation in verse 1 of chapter 31 really accurate?
3. Why (or why not) do you think Jacob was vindicated in the way he separated from Laban?
4. What new insight do we gain from looking at Jacob’s character in chapter 31?
5. How did Jacob make peace with Laban?
6. What do you think Jacob was thinking when he heard Esau was headed his way?
7. Because of Jacob’s wrestling match with the Almighty what can we learn about our own interactions with God?
8. Why do you think Esau had such a severe change of heart?

For a little extra help check out this commentary… Genesis 31-33.

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