Genesis 34-36

Whether you’re a Mac or PC user, you likely recognize one of these two screens as your default screen. It’s the image you see when your computer boots up. It’s there automatically… programmed by the people who do the programming. I wonder… what’s your default? What is that thing or that place or that state of mind that you tend to return to almost automatically (it seems)? This week’s stories will show some pretty different-from-each-other characters. What is your default way of responding to circumstances?

If you get to these questions before Wednesday’s study, I’d like to approach these chapters as a collective (one unit).

1. As best you can tell… what was the default of Jacob’s sons in 34?
2. As best you can tell… what was Jacob’s default in 35?
3. As best you can tell (looking historically not necessarily at ch. 36)… what was Esau’s default?
4. How did each of the three above defaults affect the individual’s circumstances?
5. #4 put differently… What results came because of the immediate reactions (defaults) in these 3 different situations?
6. Do you think you can change your default (your seemingly automatic way of handling a situation)?
7. Particularly if your default has some negative aspects… why is it necessary to work on changing that default?
8. Jacob & his sons experienced the same horror in ch. 34. What made their responses so different?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary… Genesis 34-36.

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