Genesis 37-39

Have you ever known someone who seemed from an early age to be destined for greatness? Joseph certainly seems to fit that description. In fact from the beginning it seems that his was a life solely of privilege. The youngest of the family – at the time anyway. It seems he was his father’s favorite. Even garnering special gifts that seemed to support the notion… like his now-acclaimed technicolor coat. This boy of advantage certainly came to it through strange surroundings. Would his imagination be his undoing?

Experience the high drama of this portion of Scripture…

1. How can Joseph’s interpretation of the dream be seen as anything but self-serving & egotistical?
2. In what way does Judah’s action seem warranted?
3. What problems do you have with Judah’s thinking?
4. What do you make of Rueben’s plan?
5. What was Jacob’s reaction to Joseph’s “death” & what irony do you see in this part of the story?
6. Jesus would eventually be born of Judah’s family tree. How do the events of this chapter cause you to feel about this choice of lineage?
7. In what ways do we see that God was watching over Joseph all along (ch. 39)?
8. What can we learn from the sexual predicament created by Potiphar’s wife?
9. Even after false imprisonment, what pattern do we continue to see in Joseph’s life?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary… Genesis 37-39.

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