Genesis 40-41

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “it ain’t bragging if it’s true”. That seems to be one of the pervasive lessons in this part of the story. So what previously looked liked arrogance at worst or youthful ignorance at best now seems to be a clear and accurate understanding of the future. This week’s installment of Joseph’s life is the beginning of an upturn that seemed impossible to most… except to him.

Ponder this strange reality…

1. If Joseph was the one interpreting dreams, why did he say it was God’s business to interpret dreams?
2. What do you think Joseph was hoping for  when he asked the cup-bearer to remember him?
3. What do you think the baker was hoping for (prior to Joseph’s interpretation)?
4. Why do you think the cup-bearer forgot Joseph?
5. Why do you think Pharaoh was disturbed by his dreams?
6. What was God trying to teach Pharaoh?
7. Why was Pharaoh able to see the power of God?
8. In what ways were Joseph’s dreams made reality?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary… Genesis 40-41.

One thought on “Genesis 40-41

  1. While I was reading, the question you have for number 1 was my question as well.I am not sure why he said that it was God’s business, there is no indication that God was speaking through him in the text. However, you could look at it like this, Joseph saying it in the first place could be the indication from God. As if that is all the explanation needed from Joseph. Maybe he continued to have dreams that he didn’t speak of. The reaction from his brothers alone would make him keep them(his dreams)a secret. It is possible that his relationship with God was “stronger” than we anticipated through the years of his imprisonment.??

    It is clear to me that he had a special responsibility to God to interpret these dreams for the Pharaoh in order to help the people prepare for the next 14 years. And that all things happen for a reason? yes? That God has a plan whether we recognize it or not? yes? The blessings from God are abundant when he is given such a great position within the Kingdom of Egypt and there are more blessings coming in the near future-(The blessings of Family maybe?)

    Joseph was strong in his faith and God never failed him. He lived up to his responsibilities and God blessed him.(Question 6) A great lesson from this chapter is to always prepare for the future “Spend wisely” and save for the unexpected. Americans should take note! We as people can be fools when we rely on the saying that “we shouldn’t worry because God will provide when needed” Well maybe God IS providing with this excellent advise that many are over looking. Joseph and the Pharaoh were wise to take this advise and all of Egypt were blessed for it. God has provided us with everything we have ever needed, it is our responsibility to listen to him and understand what needs to be done with it.

    I could go on and on- look at the oil situation? 100 years ago this wouldn’t have happened. People got excited over the new transportation option(cars), leading to new developments in our road ways(interstates,highways),leading to extreme dependency on fuel and disastrous effects of getting the oil for fuel:) so the question is, Should we have handled things a little differently along the way? probably! Its the people over looking what God wants for us that cause all this trouble. Does that mean I will stop driving- no, must work and thats the way to get there so….what can we do? Change….yes…its possible:)

    Gotta go…

    Will miss you all tonight- can’t wait for Sunday:)

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