Genesis 42-45

Sometimes even the good guy needs a disguise. In this strange phase of Joseph’s ongoing saga we find mysterious exchanges between the unrecognized Joseph and his brothers. Observe the gentleness used by Joseph and discern his possible motivation for dealing with his brothers in this long and drawn out way. The first time you read through these chapters think about the events through the perspective of the brothers… then the second time through think from Joseph’s perspective. How would you have reacted differently? How would you have reacted similarly?

1. What might Joseph have been thinking in ch.42 v.9?
2. How do you take the brother’s claim of being honest men?
3. Why do you think Joseph elected to give his bro’s time in the big house?
4. What do you make of the brother’s reactions to the good & bad done to them in ch.42?
5. What was the significance of Joseph’s actions throughout ch.43?
6. Do you see Joseph’s actions in ch.44 as cruel or retributive? Why?
7. What were your thoughts as you read about “the big reveal” in ch.45?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary… Genesis 42-45.

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