Genesis 46-50

In the 90’s there was a re-introduction of autostereograms. We have come to know them by the brand that led their resurgence… Magic Eye. The concept is as simple as it is intricate. By staring at the created 2D image a 3D image appears within. Some (most) of my friends could never stare long enough to allow their eyes to adjust to see the 3D object. As the Genesis story concludes we see the end for two of its patriarchs: Jacob & Joseph. The consistent thread in each is that they seemed to have a Magic Eye quality that allowed them to see that third dimension. May we be able to see as clearly as they did.

1. What is surprising about Jacob’s long distance relocation to Egypt in ch.46?
2. In what way is Jacob’s chosenness still evident in ch.46?
3. In the first half of ch.47 Jacob blesses Pharaoh. What do you think he did that?
4. What do we learn about Joseph in his leadership through the famine in ch. 47?
5. How do you take the strange cross-blessing in ch.48?
6. What other “out of order” blessings have we seen in Genesis?
7. What does ch.49 tell us of Jacob’s knowledge & understanding of his sons?
8. What do you hear in ch. 50 vs.14-21?
9. According to his words in ch.50 how did Joseph see the events of his life?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary… Genesis 46-50.

One thought on “Genesis 46-50

  1. when I was a kid I could see those 3D images from the Magic Eye almost immidiatly but for some reason I can’t see this one =(

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