The Proudest Day

I’ve been teaching “professionally” now for more than 20 years. While the calendar implications of that fact are enough to sufficiently blow my mind, there is a far deeper reality that is stirring me. The goal for any teacher is that moment… the lightbulb… the aha… the day the student “gets it”. I am in that season now. We have been walking together as Process Church peoples for a little over a year now. As we enter the launch phase of Sunday worship I am teaching through our Core Values. These are the things we are striving for. The things I have been “teaching”… both silently and aloud.

Sunday I taught about Extending Forgiveness and the Scriptural basis for why we desire to be a church that is known by such a title. Last evening prior to our final Together Group before a summer break someone said to me, “I did my homework assignment.”

This past Sunday I gave everyone the homework assignment of extending forgiveness to someone that had offended them… whether that individual realized it or not.

In that moment I realized that they got it! It was obvious that they understood the concept because they had put it into practice. Truly my proudest day.

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