The Big Reveal

Just as a telephoto lens helps a far away object become near, we learned that this is God’s very desire… to reveal Himself to us. Instead of an unknowable, distant God, we have a God who longs for us to know Him for who He really is.

This week we studied Psalm 19. Make sure you are taking time to re-read the text outside of Sunday morning too. Here are some good questions to help frame our Together Group discussions.

1. The Psalmist talks about the skies displaying the amazing craftsmanship of God. What other ways have you seen God’s handiwork in the world?
2. What scientific realities enhance your belief in a created world?
3. Why do you think the discussion of the origins of mankind such a big deal in the Christian world (i.e. creation v. evolution)?
4. In what ways would you say your present understanding of the Bible is different than say 5 years ago?
5. In verses 7-11 the author uses several different synonyms for the Bible and gives some accompanying adjectives to describe how he feels about the Bible. What adjectives would you use to describe the way you feel about the Bible?
6. There are many metaphors for the Bible’s usefulness: “owner’s manual”, “road map”, “rule book”. Which of these (or a different one) speaks the best to your view of the Scripture?
7. Verse 14 is one of the most powerful and challenging prayers in all the Bible. What part of it challenges you most?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary… Psalms 19.

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