Movies On the House

So a few months ago Erica, our middle child, wanted to invite a few friends over for a movie night. So then we got creative. What if we projected it on the garage door? Or what if went even bigger and projected it on the side of our two-story house? So with that idea Movies On the House was born. We picked the title as a self-descriptor as well as a play on words… the event was FREE. That first night we hosted around 20 middle schoolers.

Tonight was installment #2. In honor of the upcoming Halloween festivities, Erica polled her friends and had them vote on a select few movies. The Corpse Bride was the winner… at least online.

We had 20+ friends again. Tonight I was intrigued at the sociology happening beneath the surface. And, yes, I know I’m a dork.

Here are a few of the things I observed as I watched these great kids tonight:

  • probably only 2 of the kids watched the entire movie
  • the fire pit was the biggest “hang” place
  • 8th grade seems to be the time when boys and girls stop hating each other
  • there were kids of all kinds of ethnic backgrounds
  • food makes everything better (popcorn, marshmallows & halloween chex mix)
  • parents are too trusting… only 2 parents got out to meet me… 2 more I knew already

Will we do it again? Almost certainly. Maybe next time we’ll get an action flick that people will actually sit still for. Whatever we do you can be sure that the kids will enjoy just being together.

One thought on “Movies On the House

  1. Ummmm….you aren’t that old…I don’t think you needed to observe 8th graders to know that that is about the time girls and boys stop hating heach other….although at SCS I think it was about 6th grade…or in your case “hate” never really existed. 🙂

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