This week we are studying Psalm 40. The raw honesty of David is one of the reasons he is such an enduring character. This Psalm is all about where and how and to whom we run when we are overwhelmed. Let’s face it… we all have those times when we feel we are at the end of ourselves. We feel hopeless. We feel that we cannot go on. David encourages us that it is precisely those moments that open us to help of our loving Savior. As we see our helplessness, we see with greater clarity His desire to rescue us.

1. Why is waiting patiently for the Lord difficult?
2. Recall a time when God answered your cry.
3. In what ways does God’s rescue cause those that don’t believe to take notice?
4. How does the knowledge of God’s rescuing heart help you maintain joy even in the midst of difficulty?
5. If God does not take delight in sacrifices & offerings, what does He delight in?
6. How does it comfort you to hear the redemptive threads of Jesus that keep showing up in the Old Testament?
7. How do we tell others about the justice of God without being overbearing?
8. In what ways does experiential truth trump propositional truth?
9. How does what you know about God cause you to call to Him for help?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary… Psalm 40.

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