The Power of God

This week we’re looking at Psalm 46. It’s a Psalm whose meaning seems to be obvious until we read its entire context. Clearly it concerns itself with discussing and defining God’s power, but it gives us more to think about than a simplistic meaning. We will see that while God’s power certainly includes the obvious, it seems to go beyond it. His power results in our security while maintaining His consistency and pointing to His supremacy. One of the most famous verses in all the Psalms is found in verse 10 as God invites us to “be still and know that He is God.” Some explore this great text by answering some of these questions as you move through its verses.

1. What makes it difficult to express God’s power to someone who does not believe the way you do?
2. What kinds of (specific) things might you do to bridge that gap?
3. How would you describe the powerful peace that God brings in the midst of a storm?
4. In what ways are the river and the constancy of God alike?
5. What do you think is meant by the “city of God”? How does the text support your view?
6. How do you balance the idea that God’s seems to both bring destruction & end wars in vs. 8-9?
7. What makes it most difficult for you to “be silent”? What small step can you take to fight that?
8. If the reality is that all men will eventually be drawn to God, how should that inform our approach to people who currently do not agree with our understanding of God?
9. Again we hear the present-ness of God. How does that fact encourage you to run to Him?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary… Psalm 46.

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