Giving Thanks: Seeing God for Who He Really Is

With Thanksgiving Day right around the corner, this Sunday we studied Psalm 118. The theme of the Psalm definitely leans into the idea of giving thanks and more specifically, giving thanks to God. The author takes us to this place of learning to give thanks to God in a unique way. Instead of giving us some approved list of things for which to thank God, he simply takes us to the very character of God. That may seem like a strange way to get us to focus on giving Him thanks, but my contention is that as we see who God is, our mutual natural response will be to thank Him. Let these questions lead you know our great God better…

1. There is a bookend statement (the first & last verse) that says God is good. In what ways does God’s goodness inform everything else He is?
2. What does the phrase “His faithful love endures forever” mean to you?
3. How does the love of God inform our thankfulness?
4. What comfort does it give you to know that God is for you?
5. Why would it be better to trust God instead of people?
6. Verses 10-17 use some potentially confusing war imagery. What do you take away from these verses?
7. How can God’s love and His justice co-exist?
8. What frightens you about the sovereignty of God?
9. What comforts you about the sovereignty of God?
10. What one thing (re: what God is to you) can you focus on this Thanksgiving season?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary… Psalm 118.

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