Well-Deserved Praise

This week we’re taking an up close look at Psalm 96. This beautiful Psalm removes the ceiling on what it means to give praise to our great God.

Let’s be honest… the early history of the Christian church was replete with dogma that seemed to isolate the penitent from the God of the Universe. The idea was that God was so perfect and holy that He could not be approached by the everyman. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This week our desire is to take the lid off what it means to approach God. He desires to be known by those He has created. These questions will get you thinking about why God is well-deserving of our praise.

1. In what ways (plural) does God save us?
2. Being totally honest… what parts of God being above all other gods is troublesome to you?
3. How can we be sure that God is the only god?
4. Which of the attributes of God in verses 6-10 are especially comforting to you? Why?
5. In what ways do these attributes of God set Him apart from other gods?
6. Recall a moment when you were in nature and its beauty simply blew you away. Try to put it into words.
7. After this study… what does praise mean to you?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary… Psalm 96.

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