God's View of Sin

This week we began a new study called The Basics of Faith… a study of the book of Romans. This week we’ll be working through Romans 1:18-32 to see why God gets angry with sin… the answers may surprise you. This portion of the text will demonstrate a theme that carries through all of Romans… we will be required to do some heavy thinking. Hopefully this thinking will be both challenging and stimulating. Here are some thought-provoking questions to get your mind working on this difficult passage:

1. In what ways is God’s anger very different than human anger?
2. How can God’s anger coexist with His love?
3. How do you think the truth of God is revealed to people instinctively?
4. What do you think it means when it says that people who reject that truth have no excuse?
5. There could be a host of answers to this question, but generally speaking, why do you think people reject God?
6. Can you think of modern examples of people’s minds being dark and confused?
7. Why do you think people create gods made of stone?
8. How does the Scripture’s explanation of homosexuality being unnatural strike you?
9. Is there scientific data to support this?
10. What does the inclusion of this list of “acceptable sins” like greed, envy or gossip say about the ranking of sins?
11. Why do you think some Christians choose to rank sins… see some as bigger than others?
12. What are some of the BIG takeaways of this text for you?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary… Romans 1.

One thought on “God's View of Sin

  1. I believe examples of people’s minds being dark and confused are those who lead two lives..only showing others what they want them to see, rather than who they really are. Those who attend church on a weekly basis but are not living the teachings of Christ, nor are they trying to. Those who commit adultery. Those with addictions, becoming dependent on something other than praying to God for help and forgiveness. Those who abandon their children. Those who are weak in mind and spirit. I believe that one can’t just ask God for forgiveness and be forgiven, yet continue to do their sin nor try to change. God is smarter than that. In order for God to forgive someone, that person needs to literally change every aspect of their life and take responsibility for their actions. Sadly, there are those among us that we personally know who are committing these kinds of sins and are not the person they show us to be. Until they change their behavior, take responsibility for their actions, and ask for total and true forgiveness from God, then they will not be forgiven. Until then, they are living a life full of darkness and confusion with nowhere to go but down.

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