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We’ll be working through Romans 3:9-12, 19-31 which tell us that every person ever born was/is someone who commits sin. This encourages us to know that the load we bear is carried by all of mankind. We will be challenged to see that it is this very sin that (without a bridge) keeps us separated from God. And this is where the news gets good. The beauty of the gospel is that Jesus’ death on the cross made a bridge for us to have a way to God. Here are some questions from the verses we’re studying this week.

1. How do you react to the Scripture’s assessment that everyone sins?
2. How would you react to this statement: “Children are born innocent.”?
3. Why would you argue either way (whichever we you did) for #2?
4. In what way does the law actually assist us in the end (v. 19)?
5. Why do you think we can never be made right by practicing God’s law?
6. Why does God make His salvation available to everyone… no matter what they’ve done?
7. Why did someone have to pay for our sin?
8. What role does faith play in this good news?
9. Where does faith come from & how do you get more than you have?

For some deeper insights follow the link to this commentary… Romans 3.

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