Faith Brings Joy

This week we’ll continue our series called ABC’s: The Basics of Faith… a study of the book of Romans. Because of some good feedback, we’re going to experiment with having the group study first on Tuesdays & Thursdays and then Sundays will be the postscript. That said, this coming week we will be working through Romans 5.

Romans 5:8 may be my favorite verse (taken in context) in the entire Scripture. This chapter is replete with references to the joy that accompanies faith. But not in a cold matter-of-fact way. It tells us why our faith makes us joyful. It also compares and contrasts the first Adam (as in Garden of Eden) to the last Adam (as in Jesus Himself).

Here are some questions drawn from the verses we’re studying this week.

1. How does being made (or declared) righteous in God’s sight bring us peace?
2. What do you think God’s glory includes – vs. 2?
3. According to the text, how are trials “good for us”?
4. Share a story where your faith was strengthened during a tough time.
5. What role does the Holy Spirit play in all of this – vs. 5?
6. From your understanding of Scripture, what/who is the Holy Spirit?
7. Why is vs. 8 such good news?
8. According to what we’ve already learned in ch. 3, why does the 1st line of vs. 12 make sense?
9. Besides the obvious God connection… in what marked ways is Jesus different than Adam?
10. In the face of the growing abundance of mankind’s sin, how does God’s kindness react?

For some deeper insights follow the link to this commentary… Romans 5.

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