Struggling with Sin

This week we will look at Romans 7:14-25. Last week we saw that for those of us who are following Jesus, sin’s power over us has been broken. This week’s text gives the balancing reality of how we yet struggle against our propensity to sin. So though we need not be bound to sin, we still wrestle with the desires of our flesh. The text raises as many questions as it seems to answer. So what does it look like to struggle with sin? Here are some questions drawn from the heart of the text to get us thinking in that direction…

1. In verse 14 he says that “the trouble is… with me.” How so?
2. Why is it that even when we want to do right, we find ourselves doing the very thing we hate?
3. What is your understanding of conscience? What role does it play?
4. Is conscience the same thing as the Holy Spirit (or different)?
5. Why or why not is it a copout to say, “the devil made me do it”?
6. So does a follower of Jesus still possess a sinful nature? Why do you believe the way you do about this?
7. What do you think verse 20 means?
8. Is verse 21 hopeless or honest? Where is it meant to lead us?
9. Verse 23 tells us where this war takes place. What is the significance?
10. So ultimately how does one succeed in the struggle against sin?

For some deeper insights follow the link to this commentary… Romans 7.

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