Salvation Is Available to All

After a week of difficult wrestling with the realities of the doctrine of election in chapter 9, this week we are greeted by the best of the Good News that is the gospel. As great as the burden was to understand chapter 9, the strength resulting from the truth of chapter 10 is even greater. This weeks text is Romans 10:5-17 and includes the infamous verse that was the linchpin in Martin Luther’s personal conversion and the eventual advent of the Protestant Reformation.

Here are some questions to get us thinking about the availability of salvation:

1. In vv. 5-8 we hear the main difference between the law of Moses and saving faith… what is it?
2. Ironically the main difference spoken of in v. 8 is a quote from what other biblical passage?
3. What do you think v. 8 means when it speaks of the word being near… in our mouths and in our hearts?
4. What do vv. 9-11 tell us about the nature of saving faith? What does it include?
5. What is meant by the belief and trust spoken of in vv. 9-11?
6. How does the language of v. 12 seem to challenge the notion that man is completely uninvolved in the salvation process?
7. If v. 13 seemed to challenge it… what does v. 13 say?
8. Who do you think the work of vv. 14-15 is mean to include?
9. In what way(s) do you think that regular people are better equipped to do this than pastor-types?
10. What is about merely hearing the Good News that convinces people of the truth of the gospel?

For some deeper insights follow the link to this commentary… Romans 10.

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