A Merciful God

Last week in chapter 10 of Romans, we focused on the fact that God offers salvation to anyone who will receive it. This week’s text is Romans 11 and will help us to see the very nature of God’s great mercy. Someone has defined mercy as “not getting what you do deserve”… in the context of judgement. God certainly is in a position to punish those who reject Him, yet this seems to be his last and final option. So the God of the Old Testament is really not un-different than the God of the New Testament. One trait remains a constant… His great mercy. He is patient and forbearing with His children.

Here are some questions to get us thinking about the mercy of our God:

1. The first 24 verses are chiefly meant to illustrate the way that God was merciful to the Israelites in the past. How so?
2. Though the Jews almost categorically reject Jesus, what does God’s patient love say (v. 1-2,11,24)?
3. How was God even able to “use” Israel’s rejection to become a good thing (vv. 12,15)?
4. Why do you think those of us that have been forgiven may also have a tendency to be proud (vv. 18,25)?
5. How do you wrestle with the truth about God’s nature mentioned in v. 22?
6. How does the opening phrase of v. 25 give you comfort?
7. What do you think v. 29 speaks of… esp. as it relates to 2 words: “gift” and “call”?
8. In what way does v. 34 seem to be in conflict with v. 25? How do you reconcile this?
9. Why do you think some people reject the claim of v. 36? If you have, why have you accepted it?

For some deeper insights follow the link to this commentary… Romans 11.


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