Be Different: Love & Respect

Last week Romans chapter 12 helped us think about what it means to “be being transformed”… a constant changing (process) that helps us articulate what it looks like to continue to be more like Jesus. This week’s text is Romans 13. Here the text continues with the theme begun last week – that as followers of Jesus we ought to be living differently in this world than those who do not follow Him. He gives two very specific arenas where this is played out: in the way we view those in authority over us and in our interpersonal relationships.

Here are some questions to get us thinking about what this looks like:

1. If government officials are elected by people, in what way does God establish authorities?
2. Is there ever a time when it would be appropriate not to obey government? When?
3. Give an example of a time you have seen the truth of vv.3-4 in action?
4. How do you give honor and respect (v.7) when you may not agree with a leader?
5. vv.8-10 talk about loving my neighbor… who is my neighbor?
6. According to the text, what does loving my neighbor include?
7. Why should vv.11-12 motivate us to get busy about loving our neighbor?
8. What is the other challenge that v.12 highlights at the end?
9. The Scripture often speaks about replacing evil with good. Why is that important?
10. In vv.13-14 how is our behavior to distinguish us as followers of Jesus?
11. What makes the behaviors spoken of in v.13 aberrant?

For some deeper insights follow the link to this commentary… Romans 13.

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