The Grand Finale: What Really Matters

This past Sunday we studied Romans 14 and learned about the proper way Christians are to view their liberty in areas where the Scripture is not explicity black or white. We saw that even more than personal freedom and ultimate personal accountability to God, it is our attitude toward those who may not share our position that is most important.

This week’s text is Romans 15-16. In this text we’ll listen in on Paul’s concluding remarks to Roman Christians. And as with any Grand Finale, some of the best thoughts have been saved for last. This is candid Paul summing up what the entire book was meant to accomplish… what really matters.

Here are some questions to get us thinking about what this looks like:

FYI… in the following illustration – 15:1… the chapter is listed first… followed by the verse.

1. Why do you think the Scripture asks us to be considerate of people who are more sensitive (15:1)?
2. Again we hear about harmony among believers (15:5-6). What does the repetition seem to indicate?
3. In what way does the latter part of 15:7 help us accomplish the earlier part?
4. The next section that we’ll look at (15:14-22) talks about doctrine. How would you define “doctrine”?
5. Why did Paul think it was important to spell this out throughout the entire letter to the Romans?
6. In what way(s) do you see Process Church trying to speak to the reality of 15:20-21?
7. What would be a biblical understanding of a false teacher?
8. Why, according to 16:17-18, is it important for us to be vigilant against false teaching?
9. What do you think is meant by the phrase in 16:19… “innocent of any wrong or evil thing”?
10. How do you reconcile the apparent incongruence in the phrase (16:20) that “the God of peace will crush Satan”?

For some deeper insights follow the link to this commentary… Romans 15-16.


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