Stress Test #1: God, Are You Listening?

This week we’ll begin a new sermon series. This series will show us ways that we all deal with stress in our lives and how we might deal with it better. We’re calling it Stressed Out: a study of the book of Habakkuk. We’ll begin with a look at Habakkuk 1:1-11. In this opening part of the text we’ll hear some very familiar language. Habakkuk voices some common questions that many of us pose when we are under inordinate amounts of stress. In the coming weeks we’ll take 2 stress tests to see where our own levels of stress seem to be.

Allow these questions to give you some further insight into the text:

1. Describe a time in your life when you called out to God, but were pretty sure He wasn’t listening?
2. Do you think there are times when God doesn’t listen? Why or why not?
3. Generally speaking, how do you think God feels about violence?
4. Why do you think God allows violence and injustice to continue?
5. Why do you think God told them that they were about to see something that they wouldn’t believe (v.5)?
6. What was that thing (vv.6-11)?
7. Do you hear this (vv.6-11) as a blessing or a curse… and in what way(s)?
8. Without over-extrapolating, can you think of any modern-day Babylonians?
9. Given the information that you have up to this point, how’s the stress test going?

For some deeper insights follow the link to this commentary… Habakkuk 1.


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