Stress Test #2: The Success of the Godless

Last week we started our new series called Stressed Out: a study of the book of Habakkuk. We started in Habakkuk 1:1-11 looking at Stress Test #1: God, Are You Listening? It is frustrating enough when we are stressed and struggling. Then add to that stress the feeling that no one (namely the God that we cry to for help) seems to be listening. But we learned just the opposite. Not only is God not avoiding us or ignoring us, He is hard at work to accomplish His purposes in the world and in our lives.

This week we’ll take our second stress test as we examine Habakkuk 1:12-2:20 and see how we are to react to the seeming success of the Godless. So not only is it frustrating to feel unheard when we cry to God, but couple that frustration that there are people surrounding us (the majority of them, actually) who could care less about God… and they seem to be doing just fine without Him… succeeding, even.

Let’s answer some questions from this part of the text to give us needed perspective:

1. How do you take Habakkuk’s comments to God in vv.12-13? Backhanded compliments or honest questions?
2. What part of Habakkuk’s second complaint (vv.12-17) do you identify with most?
3. What seems to be the theme of God’s second answer… ch.2-v.3? Why is this the hardest part for most of us?
4. Why do you think that when we lack a certain piece of character, instead of giving us that piece… God instead gives us opportunities to attempt to employ the very piece we lack?
5. According to v.4, what is the essential difference between proud & righteous people?
6. What is treacherous about wine (meant here to indicate wealth – v.5)?
7. Why in vv.6-17 is God so thorough in His description of the eventual demise of Godless individuals?
8. How do vv.18-20 reinforce teaching we have encountered elsewhere in the Scripture re: the uniqueness of the God of the Bible?
9. So how do these verses help us to live with the tension of successful, Godless people?

For some deeper insights follow the link to this commentary… Habakkuk 1.

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