Being the Gospel

In recent history at least, Christians have displayed well the image of bearing the gospel in word. In fact, I would say this has been almost the exclusive way in which we have expressed gospel. Even our “outreach” has more accurately been us reaching out, yes, but to invite them inside the walls of a church building. The new missional mindset is challenging that single-note approach.

Today we are being challenged with… well… being… the gospel. On our Process Church website I attempt to define why social action is one of our core values. My exact words are, “If Jesus really matters, He has to matter in context.” As a community of friends we are trying to live this out. This past Saturday was yet another expression of that attempt.

We drove to Alabama to help with Tornado Relief from the horrific April 27th day. More than 200 tornadoes touched down in less than a 24-hr. period. Never before happened in history. The damage was equally historic. The property we worked on was completely blown away. The only thing remaining were the steps leading into what used to be the house.

Truthfully, I don’t think the homeowners will ever even know who worked on their property last Saturday. But we will. And so will anyone who we discuss this tragedy with. They will see and hear that we not only value the good news of Jesus as part of a set of doctrines we believe, but that this good news changes the way we handle bad news. Instead of “just praying” or “just sending money”, we role up our sleeves and sacrifice our own comfort for the sake of others. Instead of “just speaking the gospel” we are being the gospel.

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