Where Does Vision Come From?

As fall arrives and we enter a new ministry year I have been contemplating this question… where does vision come from? It often seems that the blind are leading the blind. No direction. Or worse… different directions and no forward movement. So what of it?

I have been wrestling with this idea by looking at biblical examples of vision-finders and receivers. There seem to be some consistent threads. Do you see the same types of things?

1. true vision (spiritually speaking) comes from God
2. vision rarely (if ever) comes to groups… it almost always seems to be given to individuals
3. this same reality can very easily lead to abuse if the vision is not validated and embraced by other godly people

As I have been struggling to define biblical vision, I have been encouraged that, indeed, there is such a thing. I am wary of individuals who talk about things such as vision as if they are secrets… and usually that they are the only ones with access to such secrets. The reality of Jesus is that seeking and finding go hand in hand. There are a few practices (admittedly not revolutionary) that I have adopted to help me in this pursuit of vision:

  1. pray… asking God to show me His vision
  2. reading Scripture to see how God has moved in others in the past
  3. pray again… asking God how He wants me to apply what I have read
  4. reading from a variety of Christian authors of the present to see what God may be up to these days
  5. pray some more… focusing on hearing God’s voice even through man’s words

Many times vision is not from God. It is from man’s creativity. Or from the inspiration found in a great movie or song. People launch into things because of visions emanating from many sources. I too have had inspirational moments from some of these same places. But by God’s grace, I only want the things that drive me (vision) to be from God!

2 thoughts on “Where Does Vision Come From?

  1. Contradiction in message. In the beginning you say, “true vision comes from God.” Then you say later, “many times vision is not from God.” Which one is it and explain as you compare and contrast.

  2. Hey Maurice, you’re right I didn’t word that very well and I see how it could lead to confusion. What I meant to convey was that many times people get “vision” from a variety of sources. In my opinion, true godly vision only comes from God. By saying I too have experienced inspirational moments from some of these sources, I only meant to say, “Inspiration? Sure. Vision? Only from God.”

    Hope that clears up my thoughts.

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