From Bad to Worse

Yes, this is perhaps the largest single chunk of Scripture we have wrestled. But take heart, it reads like a story and will unfold in surprisingly short order as we listen in on phase 2 of our new friend Job’s challenges and his somewhat varied response from that of phase 1. We’ll be introduced to a few new character connections from Job’s life. His wife shows up with some surprising suggestions and three friends arrive with seemingly good intentions to help their friend stay focused in the right direction.

Job 2-9 allows us to listen in on the previously stressed out prophet’s private conversation with God.

Let’s answer some questions that will help us wrestle well with Job’s continuing reality as things seem to go from bad to worse:

1. How does Job’s wife’s suggestion surprise you – or not (2:9)?
2. In what ways do we see Job’s friends being the truest of friends?
3. Which of Job’s words in chapter 3 make sense to you?
4. What – if anything – in chapter 3 seems a little over the top to you?
5. Reading Job’s friend Eliphaz’s words in chapters 4-5… how do you take his advice?
6. How do you take Job’s response to Eliphaz (6:1-7:5)?
7. What do you hear in Job’s conversation with God (7:6-21)?
8. How do Job’s words in chapter 7 challenge your understanding of God’s character?
9. Generally speaking, how do you take Bildad’s response to Job in chapter 8?
10. What parts of Job’s response in chapter 9 to you agree with?
11. What parts of Job’s response in chapter 9 do you take issue with?
12. What impact does his predicament play in his response (generally speaking)?

For some deeper insights follow the link to this commentary… Job 2-9.

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