Viewfinder: Job’s Theology

This week we’ll explore one simple question… what do chapters 13 & 17 say about Job’s view of God… or… his theology? Though we have come to see the word “theology” as one for the academics, simply put, everyone has a theology… a way that they view God. Please read the two chapters mentioned above and click the link below for some study questions.

On Thursday nights our Together Group that meets from 7:00-8:30 at Rob & Christina’s house. Come join us for the most informal and interactive part of the process.

If you’d like to dig a little deeper this week follow this LINK to gain some helpful perspectives on the next chapter of Job’s story.

Come be part of the process.

1. In chapter 13, verses 1-19, what about Job’s language shows a good view of God?
2. Are there any things in those same verses that seem out of place to you?
3. What about 13:20-28 is understandable re: what Job asks God?
4. What about 13:20-28 may be out of place re: what Job asks God?
5. Do you think Job’s characterization of his friends as “mockers” is accurate? Why or why not?
6. Was Job innocent as he declares in the early part of chapter 17? Why or why not?
7. What does Job’s declaration of innocence say about his theology (his view of God)?
8. Why do you think people (even people who don’t believe) blame God when bad things happen?
9. What did Job misunderstand in his hopeless view of death (17:11-14)?
10. What was Job’s hope that he simply could not see (17:15-16)?
11. What is real about God’s presence… even/especially when we don’t feel Him?

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