God Speaks

This week we finally hear from “the horses mouth”. Until now there has been much conversation about what God did or did not do. Now God speaks for Himself. His words are forceful yet loving. He is trying to get Job to see things as they really are. He chooses questions over accusations.

Job 38-41 allow us to listen in as God responds to Job.

Let’s answer some questions to get us thinking about the nature of God’s reply:

1. What is right about Elihu’s anger that leads him to speak out (32:2-5)?
2. What of Elihu’s words to Job’s other friends reflect the wisdom beyond his years (32:6-22)?
3. What about Elihu’s opening words to Job shows that he was being fair minded (33:1-12)?
4. The rest of the chapter (33:12-33) is tough to hear… why?
5. Though the words of chapter 34 may seem too direct, what parts of them ring true?
6. In other words, re: #5… by continuing to claim innocence, in what way does this implicate Job as arrogant?
7. From 35:1-36:21 Elihu discusses his (theology) view of God’s justice. How does it differ from Job’s?
8. From 36:22-37:24 Elihu discusses his (theology) view of God’s power. How does it differ from Job’s?
9. So in the end, what is it about Elihu that makes him the kind of person we all need one of?
10. Anyone brave enough to give an example where a friend his been this kind of truth-teller to you?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary…  Job 38-41.

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