No More Running

This week we’ll finish our study of Job’s life & the book dedicated to it. Job has come full circle. He begins with a life without blame. Loses everything. Never quite blames God, but considers himself innocent. Is reminded of the truth by God Himself… that none of us are without blame before God. And now, stands before God a humble man. What a beautiful ending to such a painful story.

Job 42 is the final chapter.

Here are some questions to help us explore the last part of Job’s story:

1. Do you think Job already knew this before or did his conversation with God lead him to this truth (vv. 1-2)?
2. Specifically what about v. 3 highlights Job’s new humility?
3. Specifically how did Job’s encounter with God affect him (vv. 4-6)?
4. God does not elaborate on how Job’s friends misrepresented him (vv. 7-8). Based on what we learned… how did they fall short?
5. What do you think was going through the friend’s minds in vv. 8-9 as they are being prayed for by their soon-to-be restored friend?
6. What do you make of the last phrase in v. 8?
7. Why do you think God chose the moment in vv. 9-10 to re-make Job’s life?
8. What parts of Job’s new reality are especially striking to you (vv. 11-15)?
9. In what ways are vv. 16-17 gross understatements?
10. It doesn’t always work out this way. So when it doesn’t… what does that say about God?
11. What does that say about the individual who does not experience the restoration that Job did?

For some extra insights follow the link to this commentary…  Job 42.

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