Obstacles Welcome

First I must include a disclaimer: I am a rabid fan of AT&T as I, my wife and all 3 teenaged kids are more-than-satisfied AT&T customers. That said, when I selected this book for review I did so almost exclusively because of its title. My family and I are in the early days of starting a business and have had more than our share of obstacles. The fact is that I have spent much time trying to avoid them. So the idea of welcoming obstacles caught my eye.

The book did not disappoint. What I appreciated most about Mr. de la Vega’s writing was his honesty. Many leaders of his caliber have been so far removed from even their own history that they fail to connect on important levels with those still developing. The most compelling part of this book was Mr. de la Vega’s willingness to explore his journey. I felt like I was walking with him as he went through different personal and corporate obstacles on his way to leading one of the wireless industry’s leading companies.

Along with a great personal story, Mr. de la Vega has a winsome leadership style that is easy to imitate. This humble offering forced me to ask myself why I had for so long been trying to avoid obstacles instead of learning from them. With this book’s prompting, I am now doing the latter.

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