Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

Particularly in our digital age it is easy to get distracted. I suppose it has always been so and some people are more prone than others. So how do we avoid distraction and stay focused. In my own life (especially, but not only spiritually) I have taken much comfort in the subject matter of this week’s portion of the text found in Acts 20:18-38. I am (still) learning that the disciplines that lead us to focus are almost always about doing less than more. In other words: learning to keep the main thing the main thing.

Hopefully some of the following questions can lead us to discover how to make this happen in our own lives:

1. What distracts you?
2. Distractions are not all bad. What makes them valuable at times?
3. What habits have you built into your life to keep you from making that distraction your main thing?
4. Before we get too far into the details of the text… after you read all the verses… what was Paul’s main thing?
5. What are some of the habits mentioned here that helped Paul stay focused on the main thing (vv.18-24)?
6. Why do hard things seem to deter us from main things?
7. What is coping? How can learning to think this way help us to keep the  main thing the main thing?
8. What is a false teacher (vv.28-31)?
9. How are churches meant to deal with false teachers (vv.28-31)?
10. How do we individually and/or corporately (as a church) know if we are keeping the main thing the main thing?

If you’d like to dig a little deeper follow the link to this commentary… Acts 20:18-38.

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