Tell Your Story

We talk much at Process about telling your story. What that means is simply giving people a natural, rational account of how you decided to begin following Jesus. Not a sermon. Not a memorized speech. Just a rewind & replay of your real life story. As you think about how you will tell this story, here are a few pillars that may help you stay focused. One, it is your story… so tell it from your heart. Two, it is your story about following Jesus… so magnify what it was about him that made you want to follow. And three, know your audience and adjust accordingly… not everyone will receive (even a story) the same way. Paul tells his story in Acts 22:1-23.

Hopefully these questions can help us learn to tell our stories better…

1. What is it about “based on a true story” movies that often make them more meaningful?
2. What are some things that keep us from telling our story?
3. How can we work to eliminate those things?
4. Given the context (of last week’s study), why do you think Paul chose to tell his story now?

The next three questions will relate to the three pillars mentioned in the intro paragraph…

5. How can you tell Paul was telling his story from his heart (specifics)?
6. How did Paul talk about & magnify Jesus (specifics)?
7. How did Paul tailor his story to his audience (specifics)?
8. All day today be thinking of how you can begin to construct your story upon the three pillars.

If you’d like to dig a little deeper follow the link to this commentary… Acts 22:1-23.

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