Hope From Shipwreck

We use the term shipwreck fairly broadly to describe the absolute (or near-so) ruin that comes with or without invitation to a person’s life. In Paul’s case this shipwreck happens to be literal as well. As we explore the final two chapters of our journey through the book of Acts (Acts 27-28) we’ll see a nautical disaster that is first followed by other destruction… and then… strangely… hope.

Let’s answer some questions that the events of the text cause us to consider:

1. To broaden the term shipwreck beyond its nautical definition here, what kinds of things would you include?
2. What are some of the inherent differences between shipwrecks that I cause and ones that just happen to me?
3. What is it about shipwrecks that make them feel so… well, permanent?
4. Initially why did Paul think they were about to be shipwrecked?
5. How does his reality translate to our own shipwreck-able realities (in terms of recognizing imminent danger)?
6. In the moments preceding the shipwreck, how would you describe Paul’s mixture of practical and spiritual?
7. At times in our lives things seem to go from bad to worse. Do you think this is more perception or reality? Why?
8. What is most amazing to you about God’s provision in 28:1-16?
9. In what ways are the final verses (28:17-31) a fitting end to this long journey?
10. As general or specific as you care to get… what hope do followers of Jesus have to offer to shipwrecked people?

If you’d like to dig a little deeper follow the link to this commentary… Acts 27-28.

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