Redemption Realized

As we finish our series entitled God’s Provision: Ruth’s Redemption in Ruth 4 we witness the culmination of the story and the fulfillment of its subject. Along the way we have time and again seen God providing for His people. For Naomi He provides Ruth. For Ruth He provides sustanence and favor. Now it would seem that the story is about to reach its highest point and greatest provision… a new love and relationship for Ruth. Even the conclusion of the story is not without some measure of drama. Come and see this redemption finally realized.

These questions should help us press in to discover the true nature of redemption:

1. Redemption is not a word we use all that often. How would you define it?
2. Of the following which is your favorite synonym for redemption and why?
save | repurchase | ransom | deliver
3. Be Boaz… what are you thinking (before reading this final chapter)?
4. Be Ruth… what are you thinking (before reading this final chapter)?
5. Honest first reaction… what were you initially thinking when you read verse 4?
6. May have to dig a little deeper for this one… who were the elders & why were they invited to come?
7. What strikes you about the detail of the elders wish in vv.11-12?
8. To what degree does the understatement in vv.13-17 magnify the reality of the redemption?
9. We’ve mentioned this elsewhere… what is the value of genealogy?
10. What lessons have you learned from Ruth about God’s provision?
11. What has spoken to you most about the nature of redemption?

If you’d like to dig a little deeper follow the link to this commentary… Ruth 4.

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