The Messengers

This week we focused our attention on 2 Corinthians 5:11-21 and a specific challenge given to those of us who already believe. The end of the text tells us our title – ambassador/messenger – and the beginning of the text gives a bit of a job description. The reflection question this week was, “How can I improve as a messenger?”

For some of us we already have boldness to deliver the message of Good News to people. We may just need an adjustment in our attitude as we present. The text talks about having sincerity in our delivery and having a sense of “fearful responsibility”. Wow! That speaks.

For others we may need to do the difficult work of assessing our motive in bringing people the message. Is it merely born of duty? Do I share the gospel primarily because I’m supposed to do it? The text reminds us that it ought to be the love of Christ that compels us to be messengers. There is no way we can keep from telling because of the way in which we’ve experienced the love of God.

Next we consider the message itself. Without the gospel there is no important message for us to carry. The gospel is our very purpose for being messengers. In fact as followers of Jesus this is the only message we are called to carry. Therefore we must know it well, remind ourselves of its impact on us often, and constantly seek ways to better communicate it to others.

Finally, we are hit with the enormous theological proposition of reconciliation. Simply put it is God restoring things (people in this case) to the way they were meant to be associated. More particularly, God deeply desires to restore man’s relationship to Him… there is nothing He loves more. As messengers this is our high and holy calling. It’s the goal, if you will. We carry this message of good news with the hope that others will believe and begin to follow Jesus… and in so doing, be reconciled to God.

If you’d like to dig a little deeper follow the link to this commentary… 2 Corinthians 5:11-21.

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