Spiritual Preparation

This week we’ll visit Matthew 4 where we will witness Jesus’ preparation for his public ministry. This time includes some intense temptation. The beauty is in the humanity of Jesus put on display for us to use as a template when we too are tempted. In addition to his preparation we’ll see Jesus begin to select his disciples. These men would travel with him and become his closest followers. May this study challenge us to spiritually prepare ourselves!

Hopefully these questions will get us thinking:

1. Generally speaking, what are some of the benefits of preparation?
2. What happens when we don’t prepare well?
3. What do you think the location had to do with the preparation (v.1)?
4. From a spiritual perspective, what is fasting (v.2)? You may want to hit the commentary link below for help.
5. What was Jesus’ main weapon to fight the temptations of Satan (vv.3-10)?
6. What does the answer to #5 mean to us as we fight Satan?
7. What is the significance of the timing of Satan’s temptation?
8. Though there were certainly large crowds who followed Jesus (vv.24-25), Jesus invested most of his time with a few. Why?
9. Why do you think Jesus selected ordinary people to be his disciples?
10. How is spiritual preparation different than any other type of preparation?
11. What are other ways (not mentioned here) that we can prepare ourselves spiritually?
12. What role can accountability play in spiritual preparation?

If you’d like to dig a little deeper, follow the link to this commentary… Matthew 4.

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