The Object of Giving Thanks

Give thanks in all circumstances. That’s a tall order. How is it even possible? On this day each year  – at least in recent years – I have been challenged by a singular, recurring thought… How important is the object of our thanks-giving? I would submit to you that the object is everything. To whom we are giving thanks matters in the most ultimate of ways.

If I am the ultimate beginning and end of all things mortal, then there is really no point in giving thanks. My good fortunes are just that. The good that I experience comes to me solely because of things I have done and accomplished on my own. I know few who would actually say that.

For me thankfulness comes from a sense that, though I see myself as a respectably decent human being, there is something beyond who I am that makes me thankful. So the object of my thankfulness is God. So even when my own abilities are factored in I realize that even they are gifts from a loving God. So my wife and my kids and my friends and my health and all the good things that I am pleased to enjoy are blessings from the hand of a good God.

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