Better Together

ImageOK, after today I promise I’ll stop bugging you about it. I’m only trying to prove a point… I really do want this blog to include many voices… not just mine. So far I’ve been given just one shy of two dozen ideas! Won’t you, please, add your voice. What questions or topics would you love to hear discussed? Knowing more about ___________ would help me be a better follower of Jesus. Just fill in the blank with your response. Or if you’d rather connect “offline”… email me at

7 thoughts on “Better Together

  1. Homosexuality,
    race relations,
    Politics and party lines (do they belong in the Church),
    sex slave trade in the USA

  2. Self forgiveness. Also, knowing and believing that God forgives us. Really? All we have to do is ask and “sin no more”? I’ve got the “ask” part down, but the “sin no more” not so much. I am going to screw up…again and again…over my life time. Does God KEEP forgiving us? Sometimes, even when I’ve asked for forgiveness, and never done that particular thing again, the guilt still consumes the mind and heart. Why? Does that make my faith weak? Is one sin really no different than another? A “white lie” to protect someone’s feelings the same as murder? Fornication the same as rape?

  3. Hi Rob:
    I’m glad you are writing. How about a primer on being a Christian in the workplace? Specifically, what do you think a Christian’s goals should be for their first 30 days in a new job (and forward)? …specifically as it regards building relationships with the other people in their new workplace but also anything else you care to address. Thanks!

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