Who Is God?

god-touches-adamMuch has been written and said about this One named God. In His name beautiful things have been done and ugly wars have been fought. He is credited with the creation of worlds and children. Many people have received instructions about life that they claim came from this God. Who is He… really? How can we definitively know what He is like and maybe more importantly, what He wants us to be like?

I’ve been thinking about this lately. It seems to me that especially when we draw near to things that are clearly out of our control we are prone to look to this God. In times of terrorism we have asked God to “bless America”. Weddings, funerals, baby dedications… many of these events invite God to preside (or so we say/pray). My family and I are in a time like that even now and I have been searching for this kind of help from God.

There are many comforts to be found in knowing and believing the Scriptures. It is the journal of God. I can read it to discover realities about God. There is a place to uncover mysteries that are greater than my understanding. So I went to this book – the Bible – to see some of the ways that God dealt with people. I decided to start in Genesis… the book of beginnings. The things I have learned and been reminded of about God are too many to print. Allow me to share a few:

  • God is creative… it’s always been that way
  • God made people to be together
  • God knows everything about everything
  • God made people in His image
  • God loves protecting people
  • God reluctantly punishes people
  • God is merciful
  • God says hard things too… He’s probably the only One who ever should
  • God knows what is in people’s hearts… He’s probably the only One who ever could
  • God keeps all of His promises… He’s probably the only One who ever will

There are so many other things. These are just a few of the high points of the first few chapters. God’s history is clear in the pages of His Word. His present and future are equally clear as He continues to act and move in the lives of real people and their circumstances.

3 thoughts on “Who Is God?

  1. I was wondering if you could unpack the “God made people in His image” part. Been pondering this a lot lately, especially in the context of what our purpose is as humans.

    1. The idea mentioned by Morgan Freeman’s “God” character in Bruce Almighty say that there is a “divine spark” in all of us. This is a common Gnostic thought that seeks to deny the depravity of man. But anyone who has been around little kids can tell you that though they have brushes with divinity, they are quite naturally depraved. So, I pull up short in equating “in His image” and “divine spark”.

      Clearly God’s design “in the beginning” was to breathe His breath and life into each of us. Like any good father, I don’t think He ultimately forces His will on us. I do, however, believe that within each of us is the ability to put our trust in the finished work of Jesus on our behalf.

      As we do that – and because of what Jesus did for us – the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us. That blows me away as I re-type those words.

      Further, I will admit that I’m not really even sure all of what that means.There is a very mystical side to this “in the image” stuff that I have grown increasingly ok with. I don’t want a list… then it moves away from a vibrant, living filling and indwelling of the Holy Spirit in me. I believe that I have the capability (and command) to be & look more like Jesus. That’s what I’m working on.

  2. Right on. Thanks for your thoughts. Just finishing Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge and seeing the portrait he paints of the humanity of Jesus has helped me to understand that it was just that which we were created to be: Holy AND human. It is possible. We can’t fool ourselves into thinking we can be angels or God for that matter, nor be defeated by the truth that we aren’t. I still struggle with why God created us, but the more I learn about Jesus the more hope I have for our redemption at least, having a redeemed purpose regardless of how much we screw things up. All because of Jesus, just like you said.

    Sorry, I think most of that was just for my own benefit, ha. But I thank you again for responding.

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