Falling to Our Knees v. Jumping to Conclusions

national-day-of-prayerThis Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. Today the president of my alma mater and my friend, Matt Olson, announced that he is stepping away from his post at Northland International University. There will be a time when it is appropriate to talk about this. It is my strong opinion that now is not that time.

Now is the time to pray. So I am suggesting that alumni and students and friends of Northland spend times throughout the day this coming Thursday to pray for the leadership of Northland International University.

  • pray that the board will have unity
  • pray that the Enemy gains no advantage
  • pray that Dr. Olson will know God’s next plan for him
  • pray that the name of Jesus can be exalted through this process
  • pray that personal humility will supersede our perceived “right to know”

13 thoughts on “Falling to Our Knees v. Jumping to Conclusions

  1. Clarification: Per Dr. Olson’s own statement, he didn’t “step down.” It was an action by the Board of Directors.

  2. Amen. Praying fervently! May I respectfully suggest that you bump that “E” in Enemy down to an “e”? Satan is busy … but God is BIGGER! 🙂

  3. Thanks for your words. Immediate reaction is rarely God-centered, so wisdom is to wait on the One who knows.

  4. ROB,
    Hope u will join us at Duluth Town Green on Thursday for our annual National Day of Prayer event! Noon, with most of our local churches participating…boy do WE need to come to the Father!
    Desperate for Him,
    Kipper Tabb
    Duluth Parish Pastor
    Perimeter Church

  5. Hey Rob,
    I’m a current student here at Northland, and I appreciate you praying for us and for pushing others to do the same!


    1. Jonathan, thanks for the encouragement. Please share this with your fellow students. There is only one way to combat all the junk that is already flying… and that is to pray to our awesome God for peace and healing and understanding and truth.

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