What’s Next?

next1A question I’ve been hearing often lately is, “What’s next for you?” Until very recently that question would ever only be answered with a glazed stare. I had no idea. I really still haven’t given it all that much thought. But what I have come to know is the truth behind a phrase that I coined to help me simply answer the “what’s next for you” question. Next is now.

I’ve been saying it for awhile, yet only in the last few weeks have I begun to see what it will look like in my day to day life. Process Church may not have made it in the ultimate sense, but I still believe from the deepest parts of me that the activities that we were involved with on a weekly basis were meaningful, life-giving, and yes, even life-altering. So, for now, I’m going to return to doing those kinds of things. I remember some early spiritual figure in my life used to say, “When you don’t know what to do next, do what you already know.” That’s good.

I will return to intentionally investing in others… not as projects to be proselytized… but as people to be loved just as they are. Part of that is this blog. As my heart has continued to be healed, my thoughts and ideas (and even a few dreams) have begun to return. I’m far from where I want to be – aren’t we all! But today (more than ever) I’m OK with that.

I am not anxious – in the negative sense – to return to vocational ministry. If/when that happens it will happen. What I do know… next is now!

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