Interracial Relationships

handsWhen a friend recently asked me to share my thoughts on interracial relationships I was actually quite surprised. It is an “issue” that I have long ago come to terms with. I think I had just chosen to suppress that part of my upbringing. Mine and the asker’s growing up years likely shared some of the same bad teaching on the topic.  I say bad teaching because an honest look at Scripture sees zero teaching on the topic. Yes, there are texts in the Old Testament where God commanded one nation not to marry with another, but this was exclusively done to keep paganism from unduly influencing Theism. It had nothing to do with race.

The thought stream from which anti-interracial understanding flows is connected to the larger pool known as bigotry. I don’t even like the word racism. I think it unwittingly perpetuates the problem. There is only one race… the human race. God did not create race. He created people. So, technically speaking, I am opposed to the concept of interracial relationships because I believe there is no such thing. If we rightly teach our kids to sing, “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight”, then how dare we choose when and where to apply that truth!

Yes, I have pretty strong feelings about it… mainly because of my high view of Scripture and its silence on the “issue”. Also because I have dozens of friends who have married people from different cultures or backgrounds or skin colors and it offends me to hear anyone speak to their reality in lesser-than terms.

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