A Unique First for re:THINK

Blind Faith Virus Vaccine book

Some of you have followed my ramblings for years and I’m grateful. Others are new friends and I’m equally glad you’ve joined the conversation. Until now much of our conversation has been relegated to the these blog and facebook pages. We’re about to take this thing viral… pun intended.

This July a good friend of mine asked if I’d be interested in being part of a panel for an interfaith-non-theist conversation for an online show. I said I would be very interested. From there she introduced me to my new friend Mark W. Gura. Mark is an accomplished author and has a unique idea of which I am privileged to be part. His idea is for a discussion of topics and ideas between “professional” representatives of each of the following groups…

Dr. Richard Carrier (Materialist/Atheist)
Pastor Rob McQueary (Theist)
Jack Elias (Spiritual Non-theist/Atheist)

This Sunday, September 15, we will be recording a show to be aired October 15 on Mark’s website which you can access by clicking the picture of his book to the right. The video at the bottom of the linked page will give you an idea of our format for the day. The theme of this show: each guest will share what they believe/hypothesize about the nature of life and death (how existence comes into being and what happens after death). In other words, why did you choose to be a ________________?

My goal for the day is two-fold (and consistent with the thrust of re:THINK)…

  1. to challenge believers in Jesus to have these types of important and civil discussions with people who may not share our belief system.
  2. to embody the spirit of Jesus well so that others who do not share our belief system will perhaps witness a different side of Christianity than they are accustomed to seeing.

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