Parenthood: Sayings of Dad

quotation marksI thought this would be a fun way to end our series on parenting. I am a man of words. I typically prefer to say things succinctly. Over the years there have been a series of dad-isms that our kids will (likely) remember until the day they can no longer remember things. For you to completely understand them, I thought I should give a simple definition or the context in which the phrase is most often used. But then I thought… it’s better if you have to imagine that part for yourself. From the profound to the mundane, I give you… sayings of dad.

Be smarter than the object you’re working with.

It doesn’t cost anything to pay attention.

What you get them with is what you keep them with.

Be in charge.

Don’t be sorry, be different.

Hearing and listening are not the same thing.

Are you flushing?

I hope you can imagine the wonderful surroundings that these sayings have shared. There is no title I have cherished more than “dad”. I am so proud of all that our kids are becoming. They are independent, soulful, passionate expressions of Christina and me.

One thought on “Parenthood: Sayings of Dad

  1. You can say that again! Love being mom, too, most of the time. Would love to see more of you and your family. MOM

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