Hitting the Wall Can Be A Good Thing

Jeff Burton, Brian Vickers, David Reutimann, Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex JrHitting the wall is almost always seen as a bad thing. Certainly in auto racing it is. Baseball players try to avoid it. And in the world of writing it even has its own pet name… writer’s block. So for the last two weeks I have been in one of those places. Stuck. Just not wanting to write or think. Usually when I hit one of these walls I may stop writing for a significant amount of time. It has often been multiple weeks, even months. Usually I will read an article like this one – http://michaelhyatt.com/13-idea-starters-for-stuck-bloggers and get back to work. But this is a different season and I have seen writing become a more significant part of my personal life as well as my “ministry life”. So my viewpoint of this wall-hitting has also been different.

I love to sing. More than a few times I have even considered it as a career. For any aspiring musician their becoming is all about finding their voice. What makes them unique. What they have to say and how they say it that sets them apart. Which brings me to this particular wall. Even 40+ years into my journey I am becoming. In this season of life I have found myself asking questions of myself (and God) that I have not asked in a very long time. Yes, I am familiar with the whole mid-life crisis thing. And this may have something to do with that at some level. But it’s more than that. I’m finding my voice. I’m in a place of discovering what God has wired me to do in this next season of life. To be honest, I’m sure I do not know all of what that means. But as the weeks pass I am becoming increasingly convinced that it will have something to do with writing and speaking.

What about you? Yes, you. You are helping me find my voice. It’s only fair that I help you. What has God uniquely wired you to do? You think it’s too late for that? You’ve hit the wall in a dead-end job? Then you’re in the perfect place to ask that question! Get to it. Find your voice.

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