What re:THINK Is Not About

think2As important as it is to say what you are trying to be about, I find it equally important to state what I am not trying to do or redo with this blog. The spirit of re:THINK is not to claim to know the best way. This is not about I’m right and you’re wrong. I understand that I do not necessarily see things any more clearly or better than anyone else.

Also, this is not about winning an argument… more about that to come. My experience has been that when you take a stance of trying to prove that you are right and everyone who sees it differently than you do is wrong… everyone loses.

That said, this is also not about “anything goes”… your truth v. my truth. I have observed that both ends of the spectrum are usually wanting. If the polar ends are ignorance and intelligence, both come knocking with arrogance. I will try to avoid both extremes by holding and discussing positions wrapped in humility.

Finally, this is not about me. Frankly I’m more than a little uncomfortable with a website that bears my name… and putting my picture on a website… etc. This is not about me. My aim is to create and challenge us to have thinking and conversation that is more in line with the teaching of Jesus. What are you about?

2 thoughts on “What re:THINK Is Not About

  1. I’m totally getting where you are coming from. I was paired with a pastor on a door to door outreach in a trailer park once. As we walked along visiting with people, the only method of communication he seemed to have for spiritual issues was laced with either King James or “Church” language. I watched as the people’s eyes would glaze over, and they would start looking for the exit.

    “Real” communication somehow has to be about explaining things to people by relating unknown concepts to things that they have experience with. I’m convinced that Jesus taught with parables for many reasons, but that one of them was to try to reconnect the people with God by teaching about Him in a different way than the “church” did. We have to figure out the same concept by making God real to us first, and then expressing that to others in non-church terms.

    I’m looking forward to the journey – let’s have a “real” conversation about our “real” God!


  2. Joe, you’re all over it! The Gospel is still the power of God to everyone believes, but how can someone believe something they can’t even understand? That’s our job. We don’t change the message, but we do translate it!

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