Churches As Hospitals

The other day I posted the above quote. It raised quite a bit of online and offline discussion. So much so, that I felt it could and should be discussed further. In my understanding, this quote is an analogous attempt to contrast two ideas. 1.) Churches as museums… where ideas and artifacts and histories are […]

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Weeping With Westboro

Most of the tears I have shed in the last many years with regard to the Westboro Baptist Church have been because of their actions. However, Romans 12:15 also reminds those of us who follow Jesus that we are to… Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep. And so today […]

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First Aid: Healing Your Heart

Some recent discussion on my Facebook wall discovered that there are several friends with whom I shared my childhood who have lasting injuries because of insensitive people (or worse). Anyone who has ever been sick – really sick – will tell you that the most difficult part of the illness was the path to being […]

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The Lens of Time

It has been said that time heals all wounds. Unfortunately that simply is not true. This Monday I made an unscheduled stop at the place where I grew up – in the shadow of the Sears Tower (yes, it will always be the Sears Tower to me). My simple post to Facebook – just three […]

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Learning How to Love

I am on my way to Bair Lake Bible Camp in Jones, Michigan, where I will be speaking to a group of students this weekend. Many of these are the same students I got to know last year on this same winter retreat. They’re from Crosspointe Christian Church and Hope Community Baptist Church near Detroit. Please pray […]

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The Gospel According to Phil

Duck Dynasty has become a hard-to-explain American phenomenon. Plus nothing. People who have never even shot a gun or hunted anything find themselves glued to the television to listen in on the raw antics of the Robertson family… 14 million of us. That’s right, I said us. Before we downgraded our cable package I was […]

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Today is my birthday. I’ve always wondered why we call it that. Actually we all only have one birth day… ok… two if you believe in that born again stuff (which I do). So technically it’s the celebration of your birth day, which is not a bad thing to celebrate. But for me, every birthday […]

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Responding to Hurt

In the spirit of full disclosure… my thoughts are my own. You are free to agree or disagree. The prompt for this post was some really difficult-to-deal-with news that came my way last week. If you came here to read dirt or details you will likely be disappointed. My desire in writing is to remind […]

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Extending Forgiveness

The idea of forgiveness raises many points for discussion. It pre-supposes right and wrong and makes the offender the one standing in need. But what if the offender never asks for forgiveness? Am I still compelled to forgive? Is forgiveness even necessary? We will dissect this living illustration of forgiveness in Luke 7:36-50. This passage […]

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