The Proudest Day

I’ve been teaching “professionally” now for more than 20 years. While the calendar implications of that fact are enough to sufficiently blow my mind, there is a far deeper reality that is stirring me. The goal for any teacher is that moment… the lightbulb… the aha… the day the student “gets it”. I am in […]

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The Entire Truth

In a performance-based Christianity it usually goes something like this: the better I do, the better I am. The more I do things that are pleasing to God, the more He loves me and is pleased with me. The more I read Scripture and the more I experience my own pains and mistakes in life […]

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The Maze of Grace

Have you ever noticed that some of the most difficult places to get to are some of the most rewarding? I find this especially true when I am trying to escape technological tethers (cell phones, email and the like). I remember a hike we used to take at a camp where I  worked for several […]

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Amazing Indeed

This past Sunday night I took a group of high school students to watch the movie Amazing Grace… which is essentially the life story of William Wilberforce. Quite frankly, I did not know much about Wilberforce’s legacy until I began studying up so I could let students know about why we were seeing this movie. […]

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I love being a teacher! Almost every time I open God’s Word to teach students I receive much more than I could possibly give. This week as I prepared for my 2 talks that I would present Sunday I was struck by the similarities in theme. The irony is that they did not come from […]

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Lent: A Protestant Perspective

I am a Protestant. I am an Evangelical Protestant. I am an Evangelical Protestant participating in Lent for the first time. To be frank I think the first time I even heard of Lent was in the late 1990’s. One of my students had a mainline denominational background and told me that he was going […]

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