Who Is God?

Much has been written and said about this One named God. In His name beautiful things have been done and ugly wars have been fought. He is credited with the creation of worlds and children. Many people have received instructions about life that they claim came from this God. Who is He… really? How can […]

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The Right to Die

This is a difficult (and personal) discussion. I have experienced firsthand the complexities of this topic. Three times in the last several years I have had to deal with this issue on a personal level. First, with my best friend from college, who almost twenty years ago was hit by a truck and until his […]

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Responding to Hurt

In the spirit of full disclosure… my thoughts are my own. You are free to agree or disagree. The prompt for this post was some really difficult-to-deal-with news that came my way last week. If you came here to read dirt or details you will likely be disappointed. My desire in writing is to remind […]

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The Value of Solitude

Busyness is a very western value. For the majority of us there is even a certain amount of discomfort in solitude. There are likely many reasons for this. I think among the most significant would be that most of us do not know how to be silent. We cannot imagine any value coming in stillness […]

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Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you thought it would. Sometimes it doesn’t even go how you planned. I’ve been thinking much lately about the concept of brokenness. What does it look like? How does God meet us in our brokenness? In fact, this was the theme of our Easter service this year at […]

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Spiritual Preparation

This week we’ll visit Matthew 4 where we will witness Jesus’ preparation for his public ministry. This time includes some intense temptation. The beauty is in the humanity of Jesus put on display for us to use as a template when we too are tempted. In addition to his preparation we’ll see Jesus begin to select his […]

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The Significance of Baptism

This week our new study series entitled Follow Me takes us to Matthew 3 where we are introduced to a man who would become known as John the Baptizer (a.k.a. John the Baptist). It is the New Testament’s earliest mention of the practice of baptism and gives us a window into its significance. Does baptism save? Is it a […]

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An Unlikely Entrance

The BIG IDEA for this week has everything to do with the birth of Jesus found in Matthew chapters 1-2. While it may seem a bit strange to study the birth of Jesus any other time than Christmas, perhaps the timing will give us a new perspective. The BIG IDEA question for this week is “How […]

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The Messengers

This week we focused our attention on 2 Corinthians 5:11-21 and a specific challenge given to those of us who already believe. The end of the text tells us our title – ambassador/messenger – and the beginning of the text gives a bit of a job description. The reflection question this week was, “How can I improve as […]

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Redemption Realized

As we finish our series entitled God’s Provision: Ruth’s Redemption in Ruth 4 we witness the culmination of the story and the fulfillment of its subject. Along the way we have time and again seen God providing for His people. For Naomi He provides Ruth. For Ruth He provides sustanence and favor. Now it would seem that […]

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A Picture of Grace

This week in Ruth 2 we’ll see a crystal clear picture of what grace is meant to look like. What is grace? Grace is undeserved favor or kindness. It means that no matter what I have done (good or bad) the gift-giver is under no compulsion to extend kindness… that’s what makes it grace. Grace is a […]

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