Churches As Hospitals

The other day I posted the above quote. It raised quite a bit of online and offline discussion. So much so, that I felt it could and should be discussed further. In my understanding, this quote is an analogous attempt to contrast two ideas. 1.) Churches as museums… where ideas and artifacts and histories are […]

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A Bit Further South

First I should admit that I am (as are most men) the biggest baby when it comes to pain. Any physical discomfort is almost immediately translated as dire affliction. Our wives endure far more in bringing children into the world. So I have this lower back thing… now I feel like one of the people […]

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Powerful & Effective Prayers

I have recently been re-reminded of that profound verse in James 5:16 …the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. That little phrase continues to have more intense meaning to me as the years proceed. Most recently I have been reminded of the importance of prayer as my family and I face this […]

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Where Does Vision Come From?

As fall arrives and we enter a new ministry year I have been contemplating this question… where does vision come from? It often seems that the blind are leading the blind. No direction. Or worse… different directions and no forward movement. So what of it? I have been wrestling with this idea by looking at […]

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The Parable of the Deer

This may or may not be meaningful to you. Personally, I’m not much of an outdoorsman. On a recent 1500 mile trip I was overwhelmed by the powerful imagery of (and similarity between) the way I found myself watching for deer and the ways in which I seek people who are not-yet-Christian. This story will […]

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What’s In A Name?

I have an extreme fascination with words. The words I choose say so much about who I am. How I think… or fail to. The longer I live the more carefully I choose my words. I realize that they are very powerful for encouragement or harm. So why the blog name change? Some of you […]

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Shifting Gears

A few years ago now I had to sell the first brand new car we ever purchased… and that made the decision even more difficult. Looking back, the thing I miss most about that car is that it was a stick shift. Now those of you who have only ever driven automatic transmission cars may […]

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